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Atera Networks
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux
TypeRemote desktop software, Remote administration, Remote support
LicenseProprietary software

Atera Networks (also known as "Atera") is an IT management software that integrates functionalities such as remote monitoring and management (RMM), patch management, and operational automation alongside operational aspects like help desk, and ticketing systems.[1]

Targeted towards information technology(IT) departments and managed service providers (MSPs), Atera facilitates file transfers, remote computer access, multi-user support, and the creation of automation without limitations on device or server counts.[2] It aims to shift IT professionals from a reactive to a proactive work model.[2] The company maintains offices in New York and the Netherlands.[3]


Founded in 2011 by Gil Pekelman and Oshri Moyal in Israel, in 2024 Atera served a customer base that has grown to include 12,000 users spanning 120 countries, indicative of a substantial increase in its annual growth rate.[4][1][5][6] The Tel Aviv-based startup focuses on developing predictive IT management software for organizations[7] incorporating AI for system malfunction prediction and management.[8] The platform, offered as a software as a service(SaaS), enables remote access, billing, and reporting capabilities.[9][5] It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to improve workflow and the efficiency of processes.[5]

After a decade of operation without external funding, Atera raised $100 million in two funding rounds.[4] The company became profitable in 2017, and although it intentionally reduced its profitability in 2019 to invest in growth, it remained bootstrapped[7] until its first investment round in 2020, led by K1, with a $25 million investment.[4] In 2021, a Series B funding round led by General Atlantic,[1][4] with K1 also participating, brought in $77 million,[2] valuing Atera at $500 million.[7] The funding was aimed to enhance customer reach, expand product capabilities, particularly in AI for predictive analytics, and support further global expansion and product innovation.[7][3]


The software architecture begins with endpoint-installed clients connecting to a network, allowing IT managers to monitor networks as if localized.[7] Atera collects data points from devices, focusing on hardware performance, networking, software performance, and security diagnostics, predicting potential issues.[7] In January 2023, Atera integrated OpenAI Codex into its RMM platform for automated script generation, aiming to reduce manual scripting time for IT professionals.[1][10] This integration is part of Atera's strategy to utilize AI and machine learning for automation and failure prediction, enhancing the platform's overall efficiency.[10] A further expansion with OpenAI in April 2023 introduced a feature for automating remediation processes based on support ticket inputs.[11]

The company has integrated its IT platform with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, which contributes to a comprehensive monitoring of IT operations.[12] The platform's artificial intelligence capabilities allow end-users to autonomously address and resolve tickets, thereby minimizing the need for IT intervention.[12] This function aims to substantially reduce initial response times and amplify the productivity of IT teams.[12]

Atera integrates third-party security software for enhanced protection and issues security patches.[7] The platform's functionality includes a browser-based management console for system monitoring, service ticket creation for IT issues, customizable alerts, endpoint management, real-time diagnostics, patch management, and extensive reporting capabilities, offering insights into IT service performance and technician efficiency.[7][9]


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