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The logo of Dracula, with a figure resembling Count Dracula
The logo of Dracula, with a figure resembling Count Dracula
Original author(s)Zeno Rocha
Stable release
October 27, 2013; 6 years ago (2013-10-27)
Written inHTML, CSS, XML, Vim script
LicenseMIT License

Dracula is a color scheme for code editors and terminal emulators created by Zeno Rocha. The scheme is exclusively available in dark mode. Packages that implement the color scheme have been published for many major applications, such as Visual Studio Code (1.1M installs),[1] Sublime Text (106K installs),[2] Atom (191K installs),[3] JetBrains IDEs (130K installs),[4] and 103 other applications.[5]


Zeno Rocha began working on Dracula in 2013 after having his computer stolen at a hospital in Spain.[6] Upon installing a new code editor and terminal emulator, he could not find a color scheme that he liked, so he decided to create his own. He always believed in the cost of context switching, therefore his goal was to create a uniform and consistent experience across all his applications.[7] On October 27, 2013, he published the first Dracula theme for ZSH on GitHub.[8]

On February 11, 2020, Rocha launched a premium version called Dracula PRO.[9]

Color palette

Dracula Color Palette[10]
Name Swatch Hex RGB HSL
Background #282a36 40 42 54 231° 15% 18%
Current Line #44475a 68 71 90 232° 14% 31%
Foreground #f8f8f2 248 248 242 60° 30% 96%
Comment #6272a4 98 114 164 225° 27% 51%
Cyan #8be9fd 139 233 253 191° 97% 77%
Green #50fa7b 80 250 123 135° 94% 65%
Orange #ffb86c 255 184 108 31° 100% 71%
Pink #ff79c6 255 121 198 326° 100% 74%
Purple #bd93f9 189 147 249 265° 89% 78%
Red #ff5555 255 85 85 0° 100% 67%
Yellow #f1fa8c 241 250 140 65° 92% 76%


Over the years, Dracula became popular among software developers. Joey Sneddon of omg!ubuntu! recommended Dracula, noting its wide compatibility, as well as its open source nature.[11] Writing for SpeckyBoy Magazine, Eric Karkovack reported that "Dracula is a dark theme that presents some great color contrast. Using a dark background actually saves energy as well..."[12]. Nick Congleton of described it as one of the best Linux terminal color schemes.[13] Twilio also featured Dracula as one their favorite Halloween hacks.[14]



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