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Exstreamer is a hardware IP audio streaming player created by Switzerland company Barix AG. A small fanless aluminium box powered by wall adapter receives a data stream from an Ethernet cable and outputs the sound into a headphone or line out. The operation can be controlled by a web interface from a web browser.


Web interface

The unit has an EEPROM inside that stores the configuration. The configuration can be changed through a web browser and reverted to factory default. The same way firmware can be upgraded or configuration reverted to the factory default. A text page with monitoring printout is included too, that can be used for automated parsing.


Apart from standardized protocols, Exstreamer can play one nonstandard one — BRTP. BRTP is RTP with a simple non-standard extension. The listener sends one UDP datagram to the source to subscribe to RTP stream. Apart from being able to subscribe to the stream easily, the advantage of the BRTP is that the subscription packet punches a back channel through most NATs. BRTP can be served by Instreamer.

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