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JavaView interface
Example of a 3D surface in JavaView
Original author(s)Konrad Polthier, Samy Khadem, Eike Preuß, Ulrich Reitebuch
Initial release1997
Stable release
v5.01 / 2020
Development statusActive
Written inJava
Operating systemCross-platform. Windows, macOS, Linux
Available inEnglish
Typeinformation visualization, Data visualization

JavaView is a 3D geometry viewer and a mathematical visualization software [1][2]. This Java package was designed at the end of the 1990x, keeping in mind the ability to embed the 3D visualization into the Jew with the help of Java applets [3]. The open API of JavaView enables a smooth integration as 3D viewer and advanced visualization toolkit into commercial software like Mathematica and Maple. Integration of JavaView with Maple libraries was discussed in [4].

Unlike the full version of JavaView, "JavaView-Light" the lite version of JavaView contains the viewer module only, without any dialogs, inspectors and geometry algorithms. The lite version is mainly used to display precomputed geometry models inside web pages.

Here is a list of possible uses of JavaView:

  • Solve ordinary differential equations interactively.
  • Calculate the zero points of functions.
  • Measure distances on curved polyhedral surfaces using straightest or shortest geodesic lines.
  • Compute algebraic surfaces given as zero set of a polynomial function.

JavaView reference manual [5] can be used to explore other options in visualizing mathematical and geometry objects.


JavaView was used in more than 500 visualizations in the book "Bilder der Mathematik" [6] and "Visual Geometry Pages" portal [7] and in other applications. JavaView can be used with Mathematica and Maple. In addition, JavaView is included to DataMelt as a preinstalled library.


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