Software:Larceny (Scheme implementation)

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Developer(s)The Larceny Project
Initial releaseNovember 19, 1998; 24 years ago (1998-11-19)
Stable release
1.3 / August 6, 2017; 6 years ago (2017-08-06)
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeProgramming language
LicenseLarceny license

Larceny is an implementation of the Scheme programming language built around the Twobit optimizing compiler.[1][2] Larceny offers several back-ends able to target native x86 and ARMv7 code.[3] Petit Larceny is also available and emits C source code, which can then be further compiled to native code with an ordinary C compiler.[4]

Older versions (<0.98) included support for the SPARC architecture in Larceny,[3] and for Microsoft's Common Language Runtime via Common Larceny.[5]

Larceny supports all major Scheme standards (R5RS, IEEE/ANSI, R6RS, and R7RS.[1] The Larceny software is open source[6][better source needed] and available online.[3][4][5]


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