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The Netgear MP101 was the first of a series of digital media receivers by Netgear.

Family history

The Netgear MP101's family also includes other devices such as the MP115, the EVA700 and, the EVA8000.


The Netgear MP101 is a small brushed silver unit that sits on your hi-fi rack and attempts to provide a link between your PC-based MP3 collection and your conventional hi-fi.


The MP101 requires a UPnP AV media server to provide access to digital media, while some other units (and the later EVA8000) can read from a Windows share directly (or a NAS device).

Netgear does not actually manufacture these devices; they are made instead by a third-party company and then marketed as a Netgear product.


The MP101 is based on the ARM9 Marvell Libertas 88W8510H system-on-a-chip and has 8 MB of DRAM. Netgear licensed the ARM MP3 decoder software for use with the device.

The MP101 runs the open-source eCos real-time operating system – Netgear has made the source code available here.

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