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Partition-Saving 4.10
Partition-Saving 4.10
Original author(s)Damien Guibouret
Initial release1999 (1999)
Stable release
4.60 / April 14, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-04-14)
Operating systemLinux, Windows, DOS, Live CD[which?]

Partition-Saving is a disk cloning utility for Linux, Windows and DOS environments. Partition-Saving can save partitions in many formats to a disk image.

It is also often referenced as Savepart (its original name but that was modified to not enter in conflict with an OS/2 utility).

Common uses

Some common uses for Partition-Saving are as follows:

  • Backup of individual disk partitions. Volume backups are very useful for recovery in the case of a disk failure or data corruption
  • Correction of boot parameters as boot sector content or Windows boot configuration


Partition-Saving has following features:

It can be used either through command line, text based or batch processing mode.


Partition-Saving has following limitations:

  • Backup of a running OS is not possible (less for DOS): that means it needs to boot from another OS or from a Live CD (a FreeDOS one is provided) to backup Linux or Windows system partition
  • When a full backup is performed, restoration can only be done on partition of same size and at same place on disk. You can use Chunauti -force option to workaround this, but no correction will be done on partition content to reflect this incompatibility (as FAT boot sector content)
  • When only occupied sectors are saved, restoration can be done on a partition of different size but with limitations on this size[2]
  • Creating backup files on NTFS drive from DOS (and Linux one if your Linux does not know how to write on NTFS drive) is not available, but modifying an existing file can be used. So if you need it, you can create dummy files from Windows, then use them from DOS to perform the backup[8]

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