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Initial releaseMay 2020; 3 years ago (2020-05) [1]
TypeService virtualization, Test double
LicenseSoftware as a Service

QuickMocker – online API mocking tool that allows to create a fake REST API or simulate any other HTTP (HTTPS) based API with different response content types like JSON, XML etc.[2] Supports various features like subdomain per each stub collection, private management of endpoints, request log history, RegExp URL Path, multiple HTTP methods etc.[3][4][5]

Main features

Below some of the most interesting features:


Support for response templating (Shortcodes) that allows to generate different data inside the endpoint stub. Currently there are 3 possible types of shortcodes: contextual, random and faker.[6]

Local forwarder

QuickMocker can forward intercepted HTTP requests from browser to any other URL including local (development) URL that is not exposed to public.[7] It does not require any additional software to be installed.[8] With the help of Local Forwarder it is possible to debug webhooks while developing application locally and integrating it with other web services.[9]

OpenAPI Specifications Import

Allows to generate stub endpoints using the OpenAPI Specification JSON schema.[10]

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