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RetroCode WinLinux.gif
Developer(s)Till Tönshoff
Operating systemMac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris
LicenseGNU General Public License

RetroCode is a universal mobile content converter originally created by Retro Ringtones LLC. RetroCode is able to read and write most common sample based ringtone formats including meta-data.


RetroCode reads and writes many common mobile sample content file formats. RetroCode takes measures for making sure that meta-data is maintained and converted between the formats. It features filters for adapting audio content to the abilities of small handheld devices. RetroCode also includes a ringback-signal synthesizer allowing to mix audio content with standard ITU ringback signals.


RetroCode currently supports the following formats

Format Name Read / Decode Write / Encode
Beatnik RMF (uncompressed) Yes No
Beatnik RMF (ima adpcm) Yes Yes
Beatnik RMF (mpeg) Yes No
Yamaha MA2 Yes Yes
Yamaha MA3 Yes Yes
Yamaha MA5 Yes Yes
Yamaha MA7 Yes Yes
Panasonic MFM Yes Yes
Sagem Wave Yes Yes
Qualcomm QCELP Yes Yes
Qualcomm CMX Yes Yes
AMR NB Yes Yes
AMR WB Yes Yes
MPEG 2 Layer 1,2 and 3 Yes Yes
AAC Yes Yes
Macromedia Flash Yes Yes
3GPP Yes Yes
MP4 Yes Yes
uLaw Yes Yes
aLaw Yes Yes
Dialogic VOX Yes Yes
OGG Yes Yes
RealMedia Audio Yes Yes
Microsoft WMA Yes Yes
Microsoft AVI Yes No
Microsoft Wave Yes Yes


RetroCode depends on a variety of open source libraries as well as some ISO reference implementations.

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