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Developer(s)Nikolay Nemshilov
Written inJavaScript
TypeAjax framework / JavaScript Framework

RightJS — is a compact JavaScript framework for developing cross-browser web-applications. RightJS based on extendable modular architecture. It has small (15k gzipped) core including many features such as DOM-manipulations, animations, forms, cookies, event processing(including non standard events), OOP implementations and others. RightJS is a direct descendant of Prototype library and analogue well-known JavaScript frameworks JQuery and Mootools.

Key features[edit]

  • Clear syntax. RightJS tries not to invent any new method names, instead of that it uses the naming principles that are already in use. It has a really clean, compact and mostly familiar syntax.
  • Unification
  • Performance
  • Calls by name
['foo', 'boo', 'moo'].each('replace', 'oo', 'aa');

$(element).onClick('addClass', 'clicked');
  • OOP DOM-wrappers
  • Optional safe mode
  • Later JavaScript specs support JavaScript(with emulation for old browsers)
  • JavaScript core extensions
  • Simplified numbers handling
  • Baked in spinners handling
  • Forms uploading handling
  • Object-oriented model
  • Open, extendable architecture
  • Uniformed events and options Handling
  • Mutated methods and chains
new Element('div').update('text').insertTo(document.body).highlight();

Browser compatibility[edit]

RightJS works on all modern and some old browsers.

Framework tested on these browsers:

  • Firefox versions >= 1.5
  • Safari versions >= 3
  • Google Chrome all versions before v. 60.0.3112.90 (In-place editing not working, error "Form submission canceled because the form is not connected")
  • Internet Explorer versions>=6
  • Opera versions>= 9.25
  • Konqueror versions>= 3.5.10

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