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Developer(s)KMD Applications, LLC
Initial releaseApril 2012 (2012-04)
Development statusActive
Operating systemAndroid, iOS, Any
Available inEnglish
TypeHealthcare referral and scheduling service

SnapHealth is an online health care search engine for purchasing medical and diagnostic services in cash-based transactions. Consumer reviews of medical practices and their services, as well as the price of services are made available before purchase.

SnapHealth does not refer patients selectively to one doctor over others. SnapHealth provides consumers with a search tool to find health related services and tests, as well as a built in ecommerce feature that allows users the option of taking immediate action with the results of our search.

SnapHealth does not induce or reward the referral of business to any particular provider.

Business model

The founders of SnapHealth see that one of the biggest problems in healthcare is that often neither of the two critical players in healthcare: doctor and patient—know what the tests, procedures or generally what the cost of care is.[1]

In efforts to lower health care costs, SnapHealth has created a web platform that allows real-time pricing information so patients are empowered to know what services cost and make decisions around what matters to them. Medical practices can offer patients value because they don't need to go through the hassles of filing a stack of forms or the headaches of being reimbursed by insurance.[2]

SnapHealth provides a database of practices, and charges on a low fee-per-transaction to process payments. It is free of charge to join and create a medical practice profile.

Consumers can find doctors, by searching a service, office location, gender, or language spoken. A searchable database also includes the price of services, photographs, educational background and user–submitted reviews.[3]


The service was launched in April 2012 and is currently limited to Houston, Texas. SnapHealth will soon be expanding to other Texas cities like Austin, Texas , Dallas and San Antonio.