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Original author(s)ClarkConnect
Stable release
Operating systemLinux
Typeoperating system setup and configuration tool
LicenseGNU General Public License

WebConfig is an open sourced server administration and configuration tool licensed under the GPL. It is featured in ClearOS, ClarkConnect[1] and CentralPointe Server. The goal of the tool is to make administration tasks of the Linux server easy to use and focuses on tasks relevant to operating the server for a small or medium-sized business. It covers administration of tasks to make the server easy to administer for tasks like file, print, messaging, unified threat management, quality of service, database, and web services.

Some key features introduced by the system include multiwan[2] (allows the use of multiple internet connections), flexshares[3] (multiple protocol file sharing paradigm which includes SMB, HTTP, FTP, and SMTP), and a template for changing the look and feel of the user interface.

Webconfig also ties into services in the cloud using the closed source SUVA protocol and other protocols.


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