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You can download a standalone application which runs on any platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) without installation. It compatible with C++ Python version 2.7.

Currently, the download link and the instruction are available for a full jLearn members and full DataMelt members. After your membership is approved, this page will show the instruction on how to download the application and how to run it.

You can download an application which can be used to run code example on your computer using this link.

Simply download this jar file and click on it (using Windows) or run it as

java -jar jwork-jython.jar

using Linux/Mac. Of course, Java should be installed. This application is not interactive, i.e. you will need to type commands and then press the button [run].

Using Python interpreter

You can also use an interactive Python interpreter, so a user is prompted every type she/he type a Python command. This application features auto-completion and supports Python version 2.7. It runs also on any computer (Windows/Linux/Mac) without installing it.

You can download this application from

<ifauth ns="learn"> this link. Then run it as:

java -jar jwork-jython-interactive.jar

or click on this jar file (Windows). For auto-completion, type a variable and press a "dot" and then [CTRL]+[Space].

The size of this application is 11MB.

Note on the license:

The program is licensed by the GNU public license. It contains the following RSyntaxTextArea (modified BSD license) package and Jython (GNU public license). Please ask learn@jwork.org for other details or the source code.