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Short description: One of the Pleiades sisters, daughters of Atlas from Greek mythology
The Pleiades

Alcyone (/ælˈs.ən/; Ancient Greek Ἁλκυόνη Αlkuónē, derived from alkyon αλκυων "kingfisher"), in Greek mythology, was the name of one of the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione or, more rarely, Aethra.[1] She attracted the attention of the god Poseidon and bore him several children, variously named in the sources: Hyrieus, Hyperenor, and Aethusa;[2] Hyperes and Anthas;[3] and Epopeus.[4][5] By a mortal, Anthedon, Alcyone became the mother of the fisherman Glaucus, who was later transformed into a marine god.[6] There are various etymological interpretations of her name's origin.[7]Template:Greek myth (nymph)

Comparative table of Alcyone's family
Relation Names Sources
Apollodorus Ovid Hyginus Pausanias Athenaeus Clement
Parentage Atlas and Pleione
Atlas and Aethra
Consort Poseidon
Children Aethusa


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