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Inouwa or Ilouwa is the Igbo belief in reincarnation in their mythology, which translates form Igbo to English as to come back to the world. Reincarnation is believed to occur between immediate and extended family and sometimes the person who is reincarnated notifies the family, before their death, who they will come back to the world as.[1]


Relatives identify the reincarnated ancestor by checking the newborn for body markings/birthmarks or physical features the ancestor had had. Statements as well as the behavior of the baby similar to the deceased ancestor is made to confirm the identity of who the child was in their past life. Oracles can also confirm the identity of the baby in their past life.[2]


Ogbanje are the negative or evil spirits that are reincarnated to cause misfortune to the family by constantly dying and coming back again.



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