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Mathers Table from the 1912 edition of The Kabbalah Unveiled.

The Mathers table of Hebrew and "Chaldee" (Aramaic) letters is a tabular display of the pronunciation, appearance, numerical values, transliteration, names, and symbolism of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet appearing in The Kabbalah Unveiled,[1] S.L. MacGregor Mathers' late 19th century English translation of Kabbala Denudata, itself a Latin translation by Christian Knorr von Rosenroth of the Zohar, a primary Kabbalistic text.


This table has been used as a primary reference for a basic understanding of the Hebrew alphabet as it applies to the Kabbalah, generally outside of traditional Jewish mysticism, by many modern Hermeticists and students of the occult, including members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn[2] and other magical organizations deriving from it. It has been reproduced and adapted in many books published from the early 20th century to the present.[3]

The Table

Number Sound or Power Hebrew and
Chaldee Letters
Numerical Values Roman character by
which expressed
Names Signification of Names
1. a (soft breathing). א 1. (Thousands are
 denoted by a
 larger letter;
 thus an Aleph
 larger than the
 rest of the let-
 ters among
 which it is,
 signifies not 1,
 but 1000.)
A.  Aleph. Ox.
2. b, bh (v). ב 2. B.  Beth. House.
3. g (hard), gh. ג 3. G.  Gimel. Camel.
4. d, dh (flat th). ד 4. D.  Daleth. Door.
5. h (rough breathing). ה 5. H.  He. Window.
6. v, u, o. ו 6. V.  Vau. Peg, nail.
7. z, dz. ז 7. Z.  Zayin. Weapon, sword.
8. ch (guttural). ח 8. CH. Cheth. Enclosure, fence.
9. t (strong). ט 9. T.  Teth. Serpent.
10. i, y (as in yes). י 10. I.  Yod. Hand.
11. k, kh. כ Final = ך 20. Final = 500 K.  Caph. Palm of the hand.
12. l. ל 30.   L.  Lamed. Ox-goad.
13. m. מ Final = ם 40. Final = 600 M.  Mem. Water.
14. n. נ Final = ן 50. Final = 700 N.  Nun. Fish.
15. s. ס 60.   S.  Samekh. Prop, support.
16. O, aa, ng (gutt.). ע 70.   O.  Ayin. Eye.
17. p, ph. פ Final = ף 80. Final = 800 P.  Pe. Mouth.
18. ts, tz, j. צ Final = ץ 90. Final = 900 TZ. Tzaddi. Fishing-hook.
19. q, qh (guttur.). ק 100. (The finals are not
 always considered
 as bearing an in-
 creased numeri-
 cal value.)
Q.  Qoph. Back of the head.
20. r. ר 200. R.  Resh. Head.
21. sh, s. ש 300. SH. Shin. Tooth.
22. th, t. ת 400. TH. Tau. Sign of the cross.

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