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In Greek mythology, Melaneus (/ˈmɛlənˌjuːs/; Ancient Greek: Μελανεύς) may refer to the following personages:

  • Melaneus, son of Apollo and husband of Oechalia.[1]
  • Melaneus, counted among the Ethiopian chiefs and was in the court of Cepheus at the time of the fight between Perseus and Phineus, and was killed during the same fight.[2]
  • Melaneus, an India , whose shape Hera took to warn Astraeis, and India n captain during Dionysus' Indian War.[3]
  • Melaneus, joined, along with his father and brothers, Deriades against Dionysus in the Indian War. He was son of Aretus and Laobie and thus brother of Lycus, Myrsus, Glaucus and Periphas.[4]
  • Melaneus, a centaur mentioned by Ovid among many others who fought in the battle between the Lapiths and the centaurs.[5]
  • Melaneus, father of Autonous, the father of Anthus, Erodius, Schoenous, Acanthus and Acanthis by Hippodamia.[6]
  • Melaneus, a Trojan warrior and brother of Alcidamas. He was killed by Neoptolemus, Achilles' son, during the Trojan War.[7]
  • Melaneus, father of Amphimedon, one of the suitors of Penelope.[8]
  • Melaneus, one of Actaeon's dogs.[9]


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