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Yetunde (variant forms: Yewande, Yeside, Yejide; alternatively spelled Iyabo or Iyabode)[1][2] is a traditional name of the Yoruba ethnic group for females which factors into Yoruba mythology, meaning "Mother has returned".[3][4]

Notable people with the name include:

  • Anthonia Yetunde Alabi, Nigerian musician and businesswoman.
  • Yetunde Onanuga, Nigerian politician
  • Yetunde Price, the elder half-sister of tennis players Venus Williams and Serena Williams.
  • Yewande Osho, British comedian and actress.
  • Yewande Adekoya, Nigerian actress.
  • Yewande Akinola, Nigerian engineer

Notable people with the alternative name form include:

  • Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, daughter of Nigerian former president.
  • Iyabo Anisulowo, Nigerian politician
  • Iyabo Ojo, Nigerian actress.
  • Olufunke Iyabo Osibodu, Nigerian banker
  • Iyabode Ololade Remilekun Wallinkoski, Finnish model.
  • Comfort Iyabo Momoh British-Nigerian nurse/midwife.

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