Web Services Metadata for Java

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Web Services Metadata for Java platform is a Java programming language specification (JSR-181) primarily used to standardize the development of Web Services interfaces for the Java platform. Using annotations from the JSR 181, you can annotate a Web service implementation class or a Web service interface. It enables developers to create portable Java Web Services from a simple Plain Old Java Object (POJO) class by adding annotations, and also helps in generating a Web service with a wizard or by publishing the service on to a server.

Some of the annotations specified by this JSR are:

  • @WebService
  • @WebMethod
  • @Oneway
  • @WebParam
  • @WebResult
  • @HandlerChain
  • @SOAPBinding

Put simply, JSR 181 is a specification to define standard and portable Web Services. It offers the following benefits:

  • Provide a simplified model for developing Web Services
  • Abstract the implementation details
  • Achieve robustness, easy maintenance, and high interoperability[1]

Latest version is 2.1 released on December 15, 2009[2]