ALTO (interbank network)

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PT ALTO Network
ALTO logo used since 3 October 2015
Operating areaIndonesia
FoundedAugust 1993

ALTO is an interbank network in Indonesia. It was founded in August 1993.


Previous ALTO logo used until 3 October 2015

In 1997, Asian Economic Crisis invaded Indonesian banking industry. Many banks closed, merged or recapitalized.

In 2007, ALTO expanded the business to Money Transfer Operation. In 2009, ALTO developed Mobile Air Time Top Up for all telecommunication provider in Indonesia. The newest business start up from ALTO is Boston School of Banking and Finance, which focused in education for the future banking employers. The other start up is a payment service named ALTO Cash.

In November 2013, ALTO made a joint venture with Seven Bank, who is a Japanese ATM network, named PT. ATM. The goal is to developing ATM business in Indonesia.


  • 1994 – Shared ATM Network
  • 2004 – ATM Acquiring
  • 2007 – Money Transfer Operation
  • 2009 – Biller, Top Up Mobile
  • 2011 – Front End Processing Switching Outsourcing
  • 2011 – NSICCS Function Lab 2012
  • 2011 – Core Banking Outsourcing
  • 2011 – Alto Cash and ARMS (Mobile Wallet)
  • 2011 – Boston School of Banking and Finance
  • 2012 – SMS Banking
  • 2013 – Tanamas System
  • 2013 – EDC
  • 2013 - Set Up PT CBI with PT RINTIS and PT ARTAJASA
  • 2013 – Remittance Outward
  • 2014 – Alto Pay
  • 2015 - PCI-DSS Compliant (Coming Soon)


  1. Outsourcing Core Banking Application
  2. Outsourcing Switching Application
  3. ATM Outsourcing
  4. ALTO Cash
  5. Biller Gateway
  6. Remittance (Cash to Account or Account to Cash)§→§

Definition of Member, Partner, and Merchant in ALTO Network

  • The members in ALTO Network are every financial institution or bank which registered as member in ALTO Network. The membership is open for all Bank Indonesia clearing participant.
  • The partners in ALTO Network are every companies which provide biller service and delivery channel service owner.
  • The merchants in ALTO Network are every business entity or individual which participated in Debt Card Service Facility utilization and incorporated in ALTO Network.


  1. Bank Permata,
  2. Bank Internasional Indonesia,
  3. Bank Danamon,
  4. Bank Panin,
  5. Bank Artha Graha,
  6. Bank Prima Master
  7. Bank BNP
  8. Bank Harda International,
  9. Citibank Indonesia
  10. Sinarmas Bank
  11. Bank Kesejahteraan Ekonomi
  12. BPR KS
  13. Bank Negara Indonesia
  14. Bank Tabungan Negara
  15. Bank CNB
  16. DBS Bank
  17. BPR Eka Bumi Artha
  18. Bank SBI Indonesia
  19. BPR Lasem

Non Bank Member

  1. KSP Intidana
  2. PT. Finnet Indonesia (subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia)
  3. PT. Indosat Tbk. (known as Indosat-Ooredoo)


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