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ANT+[1] (pronounced ant plus) is a wireless protocol for monitoring sensor data such as a person's heart rate or a bicycle's tyre/tire pressure, as well as the control of systems like indoor lighting or a television set. ANT+ is designed and maintained by the ANT+ Alliance which is managed by ANT Wireless, a division of Dynatream Innovations owned by Garmin.[2] It is based on the ANT protocol.[3]


ANT+ is designed for collection and transfer of sensor data and the integration of remote control systems such as controlling indoor lighting or a television set. ANT+ is used in Garmin's line of fitness monitoring equipment. It is also used by Garmin's Chirp, a geocaching device for logging and alerting nearby participants.[4]


ANT+ devices require certification from the ANT+ Alliance to ensure compliance with standard device profiles. Each device profile has an icon which may be used to visually match interoperable devices sharing the same device profiles.[5]

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