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This document describes the CGA's hierarchy structure and the tools they used each school year in ICT schools.

School year 2003–04

During the school year 2003-2004, the Andalusian Government opened 100 ICT schools in Andalusia as a pilot experience.

  • 50 ICT schools for e-Government
  • 50 ICT schools for educational process
  • A total of 18.000 PCs

Tools that they used:

Hierarchy structure of the staff:

Estructura CGA Andalucia curso 2003 04 ingles.png

School year 2004–05

  • 150 schools for e-Government
  • 150 schools for educational process
  • A total of 58.000 PCs

Software that CGA used during this school year:

  • Cheops
  • Nagios
  • MRTG
  • Sigila (self-made: Sistema Integral de Gestión de Incidencias y Localización de Averias or Integral System to Manage and Localize system's Breakdowns)
  • Unattended Operating System installations
    • PXE
    • SystemImager
  • Tools to share and security
Estructura CGA Andalucia curso 2004 2005ingles.png

School year 2005–06

  • 618 for the two purpose (for e-Government and for educational process)
  • A total of 105.000 PCs

CGA omitted the use of this software tools because they were not useful for a big Network with 105.000 PC:

  • Cheops
  • Nagios
  • MRTG

Control software tools:

  • Sigila
  • Unattended installations of the Operating System
    • PXE
    • SystemImager
  • Tools to share and security
    • NFS
    • LDAP
    • RSYNC
  • Unattended software installations:
    • CFEngine
  • Munin
  • Visco (self-made, this is Nagios' adaptation for a bigger network)

Software to be used at the schools

  • Apagado remoto de equipos (Remote shutdown for all PC in the ICT School)
  • CRV (Cañón de red virtual or Virtual Network Projector)
  • iTALC

School year 2006–07

  • 1.100 ICT Schools
  • 185.000 PC

Human and technical resource are difficult to scalar, then, the CGA needed to design a new solution to reach two objectives:

  • Control, management and flexibility
  • To control the grown of human and technical resources

To reach these objectives CGA used ITIL

Estructura CGA Andalucia curso 2006 2007ingles.png

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