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According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Piscis Austrinus is located within the northern quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ). The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 南魚座 (nán yú zuò), meaning "southern fish constellation".


The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Piscis Austrinus area consists of:

Four Symbols Mansion (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武)
Emptiness 敗臼 Bàijiù Decayed Mortar
γ PsA[1] 敗臼三 Bàijiùsān 3rd star
19 PsA 敗臼四 Bàijiùsì 4th star
β PsA 敗臼增一 Bàijiùzēngyī 1st additional star
離瑜 Líyú Jade Ornament on Ladies' Wear
5 PsA 離瑜三 Líyúsān 3rd star
6 PsA 璃瑜增三 Líyúzēngsān 3rd additional star
Wēi Rooftop 天錢 Tiānqián Celestial Money
13 PsA 天錢一 Tiānqiányī 1st star
θ PsA[1] 天錢二 Tiānqiánèr 2nd star
ι PsA[1] 天錢三 Tiānqiánsān 3rd star
μ PsA[1] 天錢四 Tiānqiánsì 4th star
τ PsA[1] 天錢五 Tiānqiánwǔ 5th star
η PsA 天錢增一 Tiānqiánzēngyī 1st additional star
11 PsA 天錢增二 Tiānqiánzēngèr 2nd additional star
8 PsA 天錢增三 Tiānqiánzēngsān 3rd additional star
7 PsA 天錢增四 Tiānqiánzēngsì 4th additional star
Shì Encampment 羽林軍 Yǔlínjūn Palace Guard
λ PsA[2] 羽林軍六 Yǔlínjūnliù 6th star
HD 212448 羽林軍七 Yǔlínjūnqī 7th star
ε PsA[2] 羽林軍八 Yǔlínjūnbā 8th star
21 PsA 羽林軍九 Yǔlínjūnjiǔ 9th star
20 PsA[3] 羽林軍十 Yǔlínjūnshí 10th star
北落師門 Běilàshīmén North Gate of the Military Camp α PsA[2] 北落師門 Běilàshīmén (One star of)
天綱 Tiāngāng Materials for Making Tents δ PsA[2] 天綱 Tiāngāng (One star of)

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