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Anne Rosemary Chamney CEng MIMechE (16 April 1931 – 9 December 2008)[1] was a mechanical engineer specialising in medical equipment.[2] She is best known for her invention of a novel oxygen tent which was much cheaper than existing tents, it was also lighter and therefore easier to transport.[2] Chamney studied at the Royal Aeronautical Society and became an apprentice at the De Havilland Aircraft Company in Hatfield in 1953.[3] Later she became a senior technician at University College Hospital Medical School where she evaluated hospital equipment. Chamney was awarded the first James Clayton Prize in Medical Engineering from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.[4] Chamney was also a Fellow of the Irish Genealogical Research Society[5] and a member of the Women's Engineering Society.[6]

Early life

Anne Chamney was born on 16th April 1931 to Eleanor Margery Hampshire and Ronald Martin Chamney[citation needed]. She had one older brother John, born in 1928[citation needed]. According to the 1911 census, her father Ronald had also been an engineer with the National Telephone Company[7]. As a young child, Chamney was ambidextrous[2], she attended an all girls school from the age of 9 until she was 16[2]