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Brahmarishi Mohiddin Badsha II
Born(1933-07-11)July 11, 1933
Died(1989-07-31)July 31, 1989
Resting placeSri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyatmika Peetham (Ashram)
17°6′25″N 82°15′16″E / 17.10694°N 82.25444°E / 17.10694; 82.25444
EducationHigh School,Pithapuram, Intermediate: P.R Government College, Kakinada, B.A from The Hindu College, Machilipatnam,
Known forGood Orator,Telugu Poetry
PredecessorBrahmarishi Hussain Sha
SuccessorUmar Alisha
Spouse(s)Jaharunnisa Begum
Childrensix sons and three daughters
Parent(s)Hussain Sha, Ajeemunnisa Begum

Sri Mohiddin Badsha II was( born on 1933-07-11 at Pithapuram to Sri Brahmarishi Hussain Sha and Ajeemunnisa Begum. He was a scholar in Telugu, Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, Parsee and English. He married Fatima Jaharunnisa Begum on 1963-05-19. He had six sons and three daughters. He took over the Lordship of Peetham as 8th Head on 1981-09-25. Due to the old age and ill health of his father Brahmarishi Hussain Sha Sathguru and as a future Head of the Institution, he had undertaken the preceptive of the Peetham’s philosophy from 1969.He delivered speeches at many villages of Andhra Pradesh to promote Jnana yoga.

He was the editor-in-chief “Adhyatmika Thatva Prabodham” a spiritual monthly magazine which is now named as “Tatwa Znanamu”.

He delivered a reverberating and enchanting speech on 1975-04-12 at Hyderabad during World Telugu Conference and kept the entire audience spell bound[1]

He left his mortal remains on 1989-07-31.His feretory is at the old ashram at Pithapuram.

Author of

1) Tatwa Prabhodam (Telugu)The Upanishad, the Divine inner voice has manifested as the speeches of Sri Mohiddin Badsha Sathguru during the process of Bhava Parinama the perceptual evolution into the Cosmic Form are compiled in Tatwa Prabhodam. This compilation collects the flow of nectar of reverberating speeches of by Sri Mohiddin Badsha Sathguru addressed to the members of this Institution at Thursday Congregations and other auspicious occasions.

2) Precept Of Philosophy Part 1 (English)

3) Precept Of Philosophy Part 2 (English)

These are the English Translations of Tatwa Prabodham (Telugu)


  1. P U C Chowdary, ed (April 1975) (in Telugu). Telugu Vani ,Voice Of the Telugu People. Hyderabad: North Regional Committee,World Telugu Conference. OCLC 2213062. "World Telugu Conference was held at Hyderabad 12-18,April 1975" .

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