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Taro Morishima (森嶋 太郎, Morishima Tarō, 1903 – 1989) was a Japanese mathematician specializing in algebra who attended University of Tokyo in Japan. Morishima published at least thirteen papers, including his work on Fermat's Last Theorem.[1] and a collected works volume published in 1990 after his death.[2] He also corresponded several times with American mathematician H. S. Vandiver.[3]

Morishima's Theorem on FLT[edit]

Let m be a prime number not exceeding 31. Let p be prime, and let x, y, z be integers such that xp + yp + zp = 0. Assume that p does not divide the product xyz. Then, p² must divide mp − 1-1.


Granville wrote that Morishima's proof could not be accepted. [1]


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