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Zvika Frank
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Zvika Frank at Amsterdam
CitizenshipNetherlands Netherlands, Template:Country data israel israel
OccupationDance and Movement,
Known fordance-movement therapist

Zvika Frank (born 1948) is a Dutch-Israeli dancer, movement educator, university lecturer, and dance-movement therapist.[1] In the American Dance Therapy Association, he is registered as a Dance Therapist (BC-DMT).[2] He is specialized in trauma treatments, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, child sexual abuse, addiction, psychosomatic problems, interpersonal problems, and many more.[3] As a Dance Therapist, Zvika has been living in China since 2012.[4] In Chinese media, his name is popularly known and transcribed as Zīwéikǎ·fúlánkè (茲維卡•弗蘭克).[5][6][7]


Zvika was born in the Netherlands, in 1948. In 1951 he came to Israel. He started studying Israeli folk dance at the age of 7. In 1978, Zvika went to the United States to study dance therapy as a registered dance therapist.[8]


Zvika started his career at Delta Psychiatric Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the Netherlands,[9] where he was a teacher for 27 years.[1] He is a steering committee member of the International Dance Therapy Master Program at the Rotterdam Dance Academy.[10] He is also a member of the Dutch Action Psychotherapist.[11]

In 2006, Zvika Frank co-operated with Chinese psychological institutions for the first time to open a dance therapy workshop in the Mainland China, which has drawn great attention from the industry.[12][11] Since then, he has been promoting dance therapy in China.[4] Combining DMT and therapy, he is giving workshops in China.[1] From American Dance Therapy Association, he has been awarded Outstanding Achievement Award 2011.[13] He is the first non-American dance therapist who has been awarded by ADTA. He not only introduced dance therapy from the United States to the Netherlands, but also trained a large number of young dance therapists. He also introduced dance therapy to China .[2] He gave lecture on dance psychotherapy and trained many students up in many institution, including Peking University, Zhejiang University School of Management, Putian University and so on.[12][14][15] He adopted an interdisciplinary approach that combines TA (interactive communication analysis) with dance movement therapy. The program has been introduced as a unique treatment model worldwide.