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Short description: Extinct genus of fusulinid

Temporal range: Devonian-Triassic
~392–202 Ma
Scientific classification e
Domain: Eukaryota
Clade: Diaphoretickes
Clade: SAR
Phylum: Retaria
Infraphylum: Foraminifera
Class: Fusulinata
Family: Endothyridae
Subfamily: Endothyrinae
Genus: Endothyra
Phillips 1846[1]

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Endothyra is an extinct genus of fusulinid belonging to the family Endothyridae.[2] Specimens of the genus have been found in Carboniferous beds in North America and many other locations in the world. It was a common and widespread rock-forming fusulinid.[3]


  • E. baileyi[3]
  • E. bowmani Phillips 1846[4]


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