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Here is a list of articles in the category First-person strategy video games of the Software portal. First-person strategy is a kind of cross-genre or hybrid video game which combines elements of both real-time strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) genres together in some way. Games of this type can combine any ratio of the two genres, including primarily Top-down perspective real-time strategy games which include the ability to take control of individual units from a first-person perspective, and also first-person shooters that include only some basic real-time strategy elements.

Multiplayer variations of these types of games often allow for both RTS and FPS modes to be played simultaneously. One player usually taking on the role of the "commander" who issues commands from a traditional RTS interface to other players that take on the role of the individual units from an FPS perspective.

Another important variation is the inclusion of AI as part of the multiplayer game. Some game of this genre allows the commander to train AI , while most feature purely player-controlled game entities. A good example of First-person strategy game that allows creation of AI units is the battlezone franchise. In both Battlezone and Battlezone II, players are able to create a decent variety of units. These units are can also be customized to suit the purpose of the battle engagements.

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