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IndustryVideo game industry
PredecessorBlit Software
Founded2 July 2012; 8 years ago (2012-07-02)
  • Jorge Cabezas
  • Tony Cabello
  • Miguel Ángel Horna
Area served

BlitWorks is a Spanish video game developer company headquartered in Barcelona, Catalonia. The company is known for porting several games such as Fez, Sonic CD, Jet Set Radio, Super Meat Boy, Bastion, Spelunky and Don't Starve to a wide range of platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, iOS and Android.


The founders started working together in 2011 when they did the port of the 2011 remake of Sonic CD for SEGA. At that time, instead of creating a new company just for this endeavor, they decided to develop it under the software company already owned by 2 of them, Blit Software, as a temporary measure.

After Sonic CD, they ported Jet Set Radio and then started to receive more inquiries so the founders decided it was worth focusing on game porting. Therefore, in 2012, they founded BlitWorks S.L. as a completely independent company. Since then, they’ve been porting some of the most famous indie games.[1][2][3]

As a way to offer a more complete porting service, BlitWorks partnered with the QA company Lollipop Robot in 2013, and they have worked together in every project since then.[4]


In order to speed up the porting process, after using an existing tool[5] to convert FEZ from C# to C++ to PlayStation platforms,[6] and realising it missed some important features; in 2013 BlitWorks created Unsharper, a semi automatic conversion tool mainly focused on porting C# games (MonoGame, OpenTK, SharpDX, etc.) to game consoles.

Unsharper produces C++ code that resembles original C# code as much as possible, and it's meant to be edited. Moreover, it does not use any Garbage Collector, all non-value type allocations are implemented with reference counted pointers and minimum C++11 features are used for maximum compatibility (msvc, clang, gcc, orbis, ghs).[7]

This tool is used in games such as Full Metal Furies, Reus, Axiom Verge, Cannon Brawl, Bastion or Hammerwatch.


The following table shows all the ports of the games in which BlitWorks worked from the oldest to the newest.

Title Port(s) Developer Notes
First Release Platform
Sonic CD[8] Dec 14, 2011 PlayStation 3[9] SEGA Xbox One Backward Compatible
Dec 14, 2011 Xbox 360[10]
Jan 19, 2012 Steam[11]
Jet Set Radio[12] Sep 18, 2012 PlayStation 3[13] SEGA PlayStation TV Compatible

Xbox One Backward Compatible

Sep 18, 2012 Xbox 360[13]
Sep 18, 2012 iOS[14]
Sep 18, 2012 Android[14]
Sep 19, 2012 Steam[15]
Sep 22, 2012 PlayStation Vita[16]
Spelunky[17] Aug 27, 2013 PlayStation 3[18] Mossmouth PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible

PlayStation TV Compatible

Aug 27, 2013 PlayStation Vita[19]
Oct 8, 2014 PlayStation 4[20]
Age of Zombies[21] Jan 14, 2014 PlayStation Vita[22] Halfbrick Studios PlayStation TV Compatible
Fez[23] Mar 25, 2014 PlayStation 3[24] Polytron Corporation PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible

PlayStation TV Compatible

Mar 25, 2014 PlayStation 4[25]
Mar 25, 2014 PlayStation Vita[26]
TBA iOS[27]
OlliOlli[28] Aug 26, 2014 PlayStation 3[29] Roll7 PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Aug 26, 2014 PlayStation 4[29]
Dec 24, 2014 NVIDIA Shield[30]
Don't Starve: Giant Edition[31] Sep 2, 2014 PlayStation Vita[32] Klei Entertainment PlayStation TV Compatible
May 28, 2015 Wii U[33]
Aug 26, 2015 Xbox One[34]
Bastion[35] Apr 7, 2015 PlayStation 4[36] Supergiant Games PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible

Made with Unsharper

Dec 4, 2015 PlayStation Vita[37]
Dec 12, 2016 Xbox One[38]
BADLAND[39] May 27, 2015 PlayStation 3[40] Frogmind PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible

PlayStation TV Compatible

May 27, 2015 PlayStation 4[41]
May 27, 2015 PlayStation Vita[42]
May 29, 2015 Xbox One[43]
July 30, 2015 Wii U[44]
OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood[45] May 24, 2015 Xbox One[46] Roll7
Aug 11, 2015 Steam[47]
Leo's Fortune[48] Sep 8, 2015 Steam[49] 1337 & Senri LLC PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Sep 11, 2015 PlayStation 4[50]
Sep 11, 2015 Xbox One[51]
Super Meat Boy[52] Oct 6, 2015 PlayStation 4[53] Team Meat PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible

PlayStation TV Compatible

Oct 6, 2015 PlayStation Vita[54]
Oct 6, 2015 NVIDIA Shield[55]
May 12, 2016 Wii U[56]
TBA Nintendo Switch[57]
Kromaia Ω[58] Nov 10, 2015 PlayStation 4 Kraken Empire PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Rebel Galaxy[59] Jan 5, 2016 iOS Double Damage Games PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Jan 5, 2016 PlayStation 4
Jan 13, 2016 Xbox One
Broken Age[60] Jan 19, 2016 Apple TV Double Fine Productions
Jun 23, 2017 Xbox One
Crypt of the NecroDancer[61] Feb 3, 2016 PlayStation 4 Brace Yourself Games PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Feb 3, 2016 PlayStation Vita
Feb 10, 2017 Xbox One
Mar 9, 2017 iOS
Mar 9, 2017 Apple TV
TBA Nintendo Switch
Kholat[62] Mar 8, 2016 PlayStation 4 IMGN.PRO PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Jun 9, 2017 Xbox One
Invisible, Inc.[63] Apr 19, 2016 PlayStation 4 Klei Entertainment
Nov 17, 2016 iOS
MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore[64] Jul 15, 2016 Xbox One Nordic Games
Don't Starve: Shipwrecked[65] Aug 2, 2016 PlayStation 4 Klei Entertainment PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Aug 2, 2016 Xbox One
Cannon Brawl[66] Aug 2, 2016 PlayStation 4 Turtle Sandbox PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible

Made with Unsharper

Aug 5, 2016 Xbox One
Axiom Verge[67] Sep 1, 2016 Wii U Thomas Happ Games LLC Made with Unsharper
Reus[68] Oct 11, 2016 PlayStation 4 Abbey Games PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible

Made with Unsharper

Oct 14, 2016 Xbox One
Amnesia Collection[69] Nov 22, 2016 PlayStation 4 Frictional Games
Don't Starve: Pocket Edition[31] Jan 23, 2017 iOS[70] Klei Entertainment PlayStation TV Compatible
Jan 23, 2017 Android[71]
Talisman: Digital Edition[72] Mar 7, 2017 PlayStation 4 Nomad Games Limited PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Mar 7, 2017 PlayStation Vita
Clicker Heroes[73] Mar 7, 2017 PlayStation 4 Playsaurus PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Mar 10, 2017 Xbox One
Sunless Sea[74] Mar 11, 2017 iOS Failbetter Games
de Blob[75] Apr 27, 2017 Steam THQ Nordic
de Blob 2[76] Jun 22, 2017 Steam THQ Nordic
Darkest Dungeon[77] Aug 24, 2017 iOS Red Hook Studios
Don't Starve Together[78] Sep 13, 2017 Xbox One Klei Entertainment
Baja: Edge of Control HD[79] Sep 14, 2017 Steam THQ Nordic
Sep 14, 2017 PlayStation 4
Sep 14, 2017 Xbox One
Tricky Towers Sep 15, 2017 Xbox One WeirdBeard
Hob[80] Sep 26, 2017 PlayStation 4 Runic Games PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
Expand Oct 3, 2017 PlayStation 4 Chris Johnson, Chris Larkin
Full Metal Furies[81] January 27, 2018 Xbox One Cellar Door Games Made with Unsharper
The Journey Down[82] May 30, 2018 PlayStation 4 SkyGoblin PS4 Pro Boost Mode Compatible
May 30, 2018 Xbox One
Salt and Sanctuary[83] August 2, 2018 Nintendo Switch Ska Studios
Hammerwatch[84] TBA PlayStation 4 Crackshell Made with Unsharper
Kerbal Space Program: Loud & Clear[85] TBA PlayStation 4 Squad
TBA Xbox One
Starbound[86] TBA Xbox One Chucklefish


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