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FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc. (originally VisualSonics Inc.) is a biomedical company focused on the commercialization of high-frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging equipment for research purposes. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada (with European headquarters in Amsterdam).[1]


VisualSonics was founded in 1999 by Stuart Foster,[2] Medical Physicist out of Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto.  Dr. Foster's laboratory had been focused on developing a higher frequency ultrasound system since 1983 in order to better study mouse models of human disease.[3] In 2010 the company was acquired by the American clinical ultrasound company, SonoSite Inc.[4] (based in Bothell, WA). In 2012, FUJIFILM Holdings acquired SonoSite Inc.[5]


FUJIFILM VisualSonics is recognized for advancing the development of micro-ultrasound and photoacoustic technology for clinical and preclinical research.[6] The company's key product releases have included: Vevo 770[7] imaging system for preclinical cardiovascular research; Vevo 3100 micro-ultrasound imaging system for enhanced small animal in vivo studies; Vevo LAZR-X multi-modal imaging platform; and Vevo MD for high resolution clinical research applications.[8]


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