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Highview Power
IndustryEnergy storage
HeadquartersLondon , UK
New York City , USA
Key people
Colin Roy (Chair)[2]
Javier Cavada (CEO)[3]

Highview Power is a long-duration[4] energy storage pioneer, specialising in cryogenic energy storage. It is based in the United Kingdom and the United States . It has permission for a commercial-scale 50 Megawatt/250 Megawatt-hour plant in England,[3][5] building upon its earlier 5 Megawatt[2] and 350 Kilowatt pilot[6] plants. It plans to develop a 50MW plant/400MWh (eight hours of storage) in Vermont.[7][8]

It has over 30 patents[2] developed in partnership with British universities and has won technology funding from the British Government.[9]

In February 2020 Sumitomo Heavy Industries invested $46m in the company.[10][11][12]


Its CRYOBattery™ technology[13] uses low-cost electricity to cool air to -196 °C, reducing it to a liquid 1/700th the volume.[14] At times of high demand for electricity, when prices are typically high, the liquid is expanded through a turbine to generate electricity, free of combustion and the resultant emissions.[5] The process can utilise waste heat[15] and waste cold[16] to boost efficiency. The system utilises standard equipment from sectors like Liquified Natural Gas and, unlike short-duration energy storage technologies (like thermochemical batteries), doesn't require mining for, or complex recycling of, rare minerals.[17]


  • Ashden Award for Energy Innovation[18]
  • Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation[19]
  • The Engineer Innovation Award[20]




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