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Puritan Bennett
Founded1913; 107 years ago (1913)
FounderRay Bennett
Key people
Richard H. Anderson, President and CEO

Puritan Bennett has been a provider of respiratory products since 1913 originally as a medical gas supplier. In addition to critical care ventilation, Puritan Bennett provided medical devices for patients outside of the acute care environment. Its products included portable ventilation, oxygen therapy systems, sleep diagnostic and sleep therapy equipment, spirometry and other respiratory care products.


In 1913, Puritan Bennett entered the medical gas industry.[1][2] In 1940, founder Ray Bennett invented a mechanical ventilator as an alternative to the iron lung machine.[3]

In 1995, Nellcor acquired Puritan Bennett and the newly expanded company was renamed Nellcor Puritan Bennett.[4] In 1997, Nellcor Puritan Bennett became a part of Mallinckrodt, a medical products company with product lines in respiratory care, diagnostic imaging and analgesic pharmaceuticals. In 1998, Puritan-Bennett Aero Systems (PBASCO[2]) was sold to BE Aerospace Inc.[5][6]

In 2000, Tyco International acquired Mallinckrodt to become a Tyco Healthcare company.[7][8] In 2007, Covidien spun off from Tyco International[9] and inherited Puritan Bennett along with other Tyco Healthcare Brands.[10]

In 2015, Medtronic acquired Covidien and inherited all brands, including Puritan Bennett.[11]


840 Ventilator System

The 840 Ventilator System is the old-fashioned acute critical care ventilator sold by Puritan Bennett. Launched in some countries older than 2001. It is the flagship product in Puritan Bennett's line of critical care ventilators.[12]

Software Options:[13]

  • PAV+ Software
  • BiLevel Software
  • Volume Ventilation Plus Software
  • Tube Compensation Software
  • NeoMode Software

700 Series

The 700 Series (740 & 760) Ventilator System is a critical care ventilator model prior to the current 840 Series. The system was designed in Galway, Ireland.

7200 Series

The 7200 Series is a critical care ventilator model prior to the 760 Series.[14]

560 Series

The 560 Series is a portable ventilation unit.[15]

Bennett MA-1

The Bennett MA-1 ventilator was a volume-cycled, constant flow generator that had three adjustable modes: assist, control, or assist-control. This model was the most commonly used ventilators in clinical practice.[16]

Bennett TV-2P and Bennett PR-2

Oldest devices utilised for intermittent positive-pressure breathing (IPPB) therapy. These models were used in WW2 because the units were small, compact and easy to use.[17][18][19][20]


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