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Running DataMelt

DataMelt (DMelt) can be used in a GUI mode, or in a batch mode.

Launching the IDE

You can run DMelt using several approaches. Launch the DMelt IDE as:

For Linux / Mac OS:

If you use "bash" for the console, type:


On Mac, it is very common to type "bash" first.

For Windows:

Run (double click) the file "dmelt.bat"

For small-screen computers, you can run (Linux/Mac) or dmelt_porto.bat (Windows). You can also run the DMelt without execution scripts as this:

java -jar dmelt.jar

Read section DMelt IDE about how to work with the DMelt IDE.

Executing scripts

One can execute scripts without launching the DMelt IDE. Your script should have the correct file extension:

  • ".py" - for Jython scripts
  • ".goovy" - for Groovy scripts
  • ".rb" - for JRuby scripts
  • ".bsh" - for BeanShell scripts
  • ".java" - for Java files
  • ".m" - for Octave files

Here are examples:        # to launch Jython/Python script file.groovy # to launch Groovy script file.rb         # to launch JRuby/Ruby script file.bsh      # to launch BeanShell script     # to launch Java code file.m        # to launch Octave script

Similarly, use dmelt_batch.bat for Windows.

DMelt can run programs using different programming languages but using same API for numeric calculations. Look at Using scripts.