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What is a Monkey type?

Monkey type measures input capabilities in terms of speed (words per minute) and accuracy on a computer system keyboard. Monkey types similarly determine keystrokes or critical depressions per minute (KPM). A stream is usually provided to key prospects over some time. The monkey-type analysis is performed by matching the provided flow with the individual keyed in flow and learning errors. The final WPM rating is determined using a mathematical formula.

How do I increase my typing speed?

There are two ways to type faster: The best way to increase typing speed is to find the right way. "Touch keying" means using all ten fingers instead of the "quest and peck" method. You can learn how to type with Typing.com's affordable typing lessons. Another way you can order faster is by playing keying video games. Keyboard games like Nitro Kind can help you exercise your input speed and increase your words per minute score.

What is the average touch typing speed?

An average keying rate for children is 41 words per minute. A method is essential in becoming an expert typist or typist of any appreciable ability. Allow it to sink in to see: practice, technique, practice. Task analysis has shown that people who type faster than average practice three times more than typical or second-rate WPM rates.