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The Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs)[1] are eight environmental fields of interest, all of which relate to climate, around which the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) project is exerting its efforts. These include: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sustainability, Disaster Resilience, Energy and Mineral Resources Management, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture, Infrastructure and Transport Management, Public Health Surveillance, Sustainable Urban Development, and Water Resources Management around which a preliminary hierarchical vocabulary has been created. One of the aims of GEOSS is to implement a proper system of Earth monitoring and to render information deriving from this process available to a global range of users. Currently, the hierarchical vocabulary structuring these societal benefit categories and their subcategories are available only in English. However, translations have been created for French, Spanish and Italian versions by Claudia Cialone and Kristin Stock of the Centre for Geospatial Science (CGS) at the University of Nottingham, UK, with input from a number of people from the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in Italy, the University of Zaragoza and the European Union Joint Research Centre (JRC). Translations have also been accomplished for a Slovenian version of the SBAs by the Biotehnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana, SI.

The GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas

Listed below is a brief summary of the Societal Benefit categories and subcategories

Disaster Resilience

This SBA is meant to increase the system of the earth observation to protect human lives from natural hazards such as tsunami, sea and lake ice, floods, volcanic eruptions, wild fires etc.

Public Health Surveillance

The health SBA is meant to understand and to prevent the environmental factors related to human diseases. Some subcategories included in this concern infectious diseases, respiratory problems, environmental stress, accidental death and injury and so forth.

Energy and mineral resource management

This SBA is concerned with the preservation and the operations related to energetic sources, and their renewability. Some examples of subcategories for this field are: oil & gas exploration, refining and transport operations, renewable energy operations, global energy management etc..

Water resources management

The water topic is inherent to hydrological research, evaluation and management and the impact of humans on the water cycle. The area includes subfields of interest such as global biogeochemistry, fisheries and habitat, telecommunication and navigation, predictions etc.

Infrastructure and transport

This category provides information for Earth observations support for planning, monitoring and management of infrastructure (dams, roads, rail, ports and pipelines) and transportation (air, land and sea).

Food security and sustainable agriculture

This field of concern embraces all those agricultural activities, or related subjects such as grazing systems, the economic trade of agricultural products, for monitoring the global condition of food including the prevention of desertification.

Biodiversity and ecosystem sustainability

This area is meant to disseminate information related to the investigation on the genetic diversity of species and more generally on the natural resources of the different ecosystems and the services available for their conservation.

The Societal Benefit Areas and their translations

Note that the following table is a temporary translation. Anyone with a particular expertise in environmental and/or natural sciences can contribute with further (verified and checked) corrections of the versions already listed below.

Disasters Calamità Desastres Catastrophes Nesreče
pollution events eventi inquinanti episodios de contaminación pollution évènementielle pojavi onesnaženja
coastal hazards, tsunami rischio costiero, tsunami peligros costeros, tsunamis périls côtiers, tsunami nevarnosti v priobalnem pasu, cunamiji
sea and lake ice ghiaccio marino e lacustre Hielo en mares y lagos gel de la mer et de lac morski in jezerski led
tropical cyclones cicloni tropicali ciclones tropicales cyclones tropicaux tropski cikloni
extreme weather condizioni metereologiche estreme condiciones meteorológicas extremas Phénomène météo extrême skrajni vremenski dogodki
floods inondazioni inundaciones/avenidas inondations poplave
landslides, subsidence frane, subsidenza deslizamientos de tierra, hundimientos glissements de terrain, effondrements zemeljski plazovi in posedanje
volcanoes, volcanic ash, aerosols vulcani, ceneri vulcaniche, aerosol volcanes, ceniza volcánica, aerosoles volcans, cendres volcaniques, aérosols vulkani, vulkanski pepel, aerosoli
earthquakes terremoti terremotos tremblements de terre potresi
wildland fires incendi boschivi incendios forestales feu de broussailles et feu de forêtes požari v naravnem okolju
Health Salute Salud Santé Zdravje
infectious diseases malattie infettive enfermedades infecciosas maladies infectieuses infekcijske bolezni
cancers cancri cáncer cancers rakasta obolenja
respiratory problems difficoltà respiratorie dificultades respiratorias problèmes respiratoires težave z dihanjem
environmental stress stress ambientale estrés ambiental stress écologique okoljski stres
nutrition nutrizione nutrición nutrition prehrana
accidental death and injury morti e lesioni accidentali muertes y lesiones accidentales décès et blessure accidentelles poškodbe in nesreče s smrtnim izidom
birth defects difetti di nascita enfermedades congénitas anomalies congénitales prirojene napake
Energy Energia Energía Énergie Energija
oil & gas exploration esplorazione di petrolio e gas exploración de petróleo y gas exploration de pétrole et de gaz iskanje nafte in zemeljskega plina
refining and transport operations operazioni di raffinazione e trasporto operaciones de refinado y transporte opérations de l’épuration et la transportation rafinacija in upravljanje prevozov fosilnih goriv
renewable energy operations operazioni di energia rinnovabile operaciones en energías renovables opérations d’energie renouvelable upravljanje z obnovljivimi viri energije
electricity generation produzione di elettricità producción de electricidad production d’électricité proizvodnja električne energije
global energy management gestione dell’energia globale gestión de la energía global gestion de l’énergie mondiale gospodarjenje z energijo na globalnem nivoju
Climate Clima Clima Climat Podnebje
understanding comprensione comprensión compréhension razumevanje
assessing valutazioni evaluación évaluation ocenjevanje
predicting previsioni predicción prédiction napovedovanje
adapting to adattamento adaptación adaptation(au) prilagajanje
mitigating mitigazione mitigación diminution blaženje
Water Acqua Agua Eau Voda
water cycle research ricerca sul ciclo idrologico investigación sobre el ciclo hidrológico recherche sur le cycle de l’eau raziskave vodnega kroga
resource management gestione delle risorse gestión de recursos hídricos gestion des resources gospodarjenje z vodnimi viri
impacts of humans on water cycle impatto dell’uomo sul ciclo idrologico impacto de la actividad humana en el ciclo hidrológico impacts humains sur le cycle de l’eau vpliv človeka na vodni krog
global biogeochemistry biogeochimica globale biogeoquímica global biogéochimie mondiale globalna biogeokemija
ecosystem and water quality assessment valutazione della qualita’ dell’ ecosistema e dell’acqua evaluación de la calidad del ecosistema y del agua évaluation de la qualité de l’écosystème et de l’eau ekosistemi in ocena kakovosti voda
land use planning pianificazione dell’uso del territorio ordenación del territorio Urbanisme načrtovanje rabe tal
production of food produzione alimentare producción alimentaria production alimentaire pridelava hrane
weather prediction previsioni metereologiche pronóstico meteorológico prévision météorologique napovedovanje vremena
heavy rainfall flood prediction previsione di pioggia intensa ed inondazioni predicción de lluvia torrencial e inundaciones prévision des fortes précipitations et des inondations napovedovanje poplav zaradi močnih padavin
drought prediction previsione di siccità predicción de sequías prévision de la sécheresse napovedovanje suš
climate prediction previsioni climatiche predicción climatológica prévision climatique napovedovanje podnebja
human health salute dell’uomo salud humana santé humaine zdravje ljudi
fisheries and habitat pesca e habitat pesca y hábitat pêcheries et habitat ribolovna območja in habitati
management gestione gestión gestion upravljanje
telecommunication - navigation telecomunicazioni - navigazione telecomunicaciones - navegación télécommunications - navigation telekomunikacije – navigacija
Weather Tempo Tiempo Temps Vreme
nowcasting forecasts (0 - 2 hs) previsioni immediate (0 - 2 ore) predicciones inmediatas (0 - 2 horas) prévisiones immediate (0 - 2 hs) zelo kratkoročne napovedi (0 - 2 uri)
very short-range forecasts (2 - 72 hs) previsioni a brevissimo termine (2 - 72 ore) predicciones a muy corto plazo (2 - 72 horas) prévisiones à très court terme (2 - 72 hs) kratkoročne napovedi (2 - 72 uri)
medium-range forecasts (3 – 10 days) previsioni a medio termine (3 - 10 giorni) predicciones a medio plazo (3 - 10 días) prévisiones à moyen terme (3 - 10 jours) srednjeročne napovedi (3-10 dni)
extended forecasts (10 – 30 days) previsioni estese (10 - 30 giorni) predicciones a largo plazo (10 - 30 días) prévisiones à long terme (10 - 30 jours) dolgoročne napovedi (10 - 30 dni)
Ecosystems Ecosistemi Ecosistemas Écosystèmes Ekosistemi
land, river, coast & ocean management gestione territoriale, fluviale, costiera e marittima gestión terrestre, fluvial, costera y marítima gestion des terres, rivières, gestion côtière et océnanique gospodarjenje s kopnim, rekami,obalami in oceni
agriculture, fisheries, forestry agricoltura, pesca, attività forestali agricultura, pesca, silvicultura agriculture, pêcherie, sylviculture kmetijstvo, ribištvo, gozdarstvo
carbon cycle ciclo del carbonio ciclo del carbono cycle du carbone ogljikov krog
Agriculture Agricoltura Agricultura Agriculture Kmetijstvo
food security sicurezza alimentare seguridad alimentaria sécurité alimentaire prehranska varnost
fisheries pesca pesca pêcheries ribogojstvo
timber, fuel and fiber legname, combustibile e fibra madera, combustible, y fibra bois, combustibles et fibres les ter energenti in vlakna iz kmetijske in gozdarske biomase
agricultural economy and trade economia e mercato agricoli economía y mercado agrícolas économie et commerce agricoles kmetijska ekonomika in trgovina
grazing systems sistemi di pascolamento sistemas de pastoreo systèmes de pâturage pašni sistemi
Biodiversity Biodiversità Biodiversidad Biodiversité Biodiverziteta
conservation conservazione conservación conservation ohranjanje
invasive species specie invasive especies invasoras espèces invasives invazivne vrste
migratory species specie migratorie especies migratorias espèces migratrices selitvene vrste
natural resources and services risorse naturali e servizi recursos naturales y servicios resources naturelles et services des écosystèmes naravni viri in storitve

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