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The Mazda H platform is an automobile platform for rear-wheel drive full-size cars. It has been used by a number of vehicles from Mazda in Japan and abroad.

Note that a number of Mazda vehicles have similar platform codes but are unrelated. The following vehicles use the Suzuki H platform, not the Mazda H platform:

Prior to 1981, Mazda coded this platform as "LA" in the VIN.


The HB platform was introduced in 1981 as the Mazda Cosmo coupe and Mazda Luce/929 sedan. The Luce was updated in 1986, with the 929 following the next year for some markets, but the Cosmo continued on the HB platform until 1989.



A new Mazda Luce/929 sedan appeared in 1986 on the updated HC platform. Again, the export-version 929 lagged for some markets, and the Cosmo continued unchanged on the HB platform.


  • 1986–1989 Mazda Luce (sedan)
  • 1986–1991 Mazda 929 (sedan)


The Luce nameplate was retired in favor of Sentia, but the H platform continued with the 1991 HD revision.


  • 1991–1993 Efini MS-9 (sedan)
  • 1991–1994 Mazda Sentia (sedan)
  • 1991–1995 Mazda 929 (sedan)


Export of the 929 was halted after the HD platform, and the Efini marque was gone as well, but the Mazda Sentia continued for one more generation.


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