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Place of originIran
Production history
Length9.0 m[1]
Diameter1.0-1.25 m[1]

Propellantsolid propellant[1]
750-800 km[1]

The Samen(Persian: سامن‎) or Ghadr-101 missile is a road-mobile solid propelled MRBM that was revealed during a military parade on 21 September 2008[1] and then tested on 10 November 2008 as a response to a US missile-shield test that took place on 3 November 2008, details of the missile after that were kept classified[2]. The missile is believed to be derived from the DF-15 rocket and have received help with its Ashoura (missile)/Ghadr-110 MRBM replacement for the Shahab-3ballistic missile. Iran is believed to have obtained the technology from A.Q Khan's proliferation network, the Ghadr 101 motor rocket was believed to have been completed in 2005[1]. It is suggested that the Ghadr-101 along with Ghadr-110 will provide Iran with ASAT and IRBM capability[1]


It has a triconic warhead. Whether it is single-stage or 2-stage is still unknown. It has a payload capacity of 650-1158 kg High-explosive, a diameter of 1.0-1.25 m and a length of 9 m and a range of 750-800 km[1]


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