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Chemical equations

One can show chemical symbols and equations as shown in this list of examples. Here are a few examples:

[math]\ce{CO2 + C -> 2 CO}[/math]

[math]\ce{Hg^2+ ->[I-] HgI2 ->[I-] [Hg^{II}I4]^2-}[/math]




[math]\ce{A <=>> B}[/math]

which were programmed as:

<chem>CO2 + C -> 2 CO</chem>
<chem>Hg^2+ ->[I-] HgI2 ->[I-] [Hg^{II}I4]^2-</chem>
<chem>A <=>> B</chem>

Cross references

You can reference a block of chemical symbols using CrossReference method. Here is a sentence that references an equation "1":

This example uses Equation 1 that illustrates formulas.

[math]\ce{ Hg^2+ ->[I-] HgI2 ->[I-] [Hg^{II}I4]^2- }[/math]     (1)

The WikiCode that was used in this example is:

This example uses <xr id="eqn:In1"/> that illustrates complex blocks of equations. 

:<equation id="eqn:In1" shownumber>
Hg^2+ ->[I-] HgI2 ->[I-] [Hg^{II}I4]^2-

Note that Equation 1 is "clickable" so you can always navigate to the equation you are referencing to.

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