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HandWiki is designed keeping freedom in mind. All HandWiki users have rights to express their opinions. Unlike many wiki encyclopedias, HandWiki has only technical administrators, and does not have "super-users" or "super-editor" who are involved in disputes related to content (unless the entry is obvious spam).

From the technical point of view, HandWiki is designed keeping in mind difference in opinions of the editors. Alternative opinions will not be removed, nor suppressed or distorted. They will be natively embedded in the body of the articles. See the section "Editor Consensus".


  • Articles should contain useful information and have at least one reference to an external source that supports the content of this research information. The external sources can journal articles, preprints, arxiv.org, preprints.org (or similar), web pages and other. However, such articles should not be advertisements for any product, company or service.
  • Once an article created, and verified by a bot or administrator, it cannot be removed by non-authors. If it will be removed by a non-author, it will be automatically restored and this user will receive a notice.

An article without a single external reference will contain this box:

programmed as {{Unreferenced|date=2021}}. If an article has only URL pointing to external sources, it will have a box like this:

programmed as {{Cleanup bare URLs|date=2021}}.

Editor Consensus

  • A HandWiki article always has a neutral section created via consensus of editors.
  • When a consensus is impossible, specially designed sections of articles are used to express alternative opinions. Such sections will be embedded automatically in the body of the article, and can be author protected. HandWiki articles are created by users with research background, therefore, all opinions matter. See Dispute resolution and alternative opinions section to learn about this.

External links

  • If you think there is an external link which is relevant to the content of the article, you can add such a link to this article either as a citation or as a link inside the section called "See also" at the bottom of each article. This is possible even if you are not professional researcher (and your sole goal is to add a backlink). Note that such URL link may not stay permanently, i.e. it can be changed by other users if they determine that the link is irrelevant to the topic of the article.
  • Contextually irrelevant links will be removed by automated bots analyzing the content of the URL links.

Imported articles

  • Articles can be sourced from Wikipedia and similar resources. They can be modified and extended. They can be put back to Wikipedia, Citizendium, Everipedia, and other similar public resources.
  • All articles derived from Wikipedia, Citizendium, Everipedia and other public resources must have the same license as the original articles (typically, Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0). Articles imported from Wikipedia and other resources must contain links to the original source.