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A tibial plateau fracture

A crus fracture is a fracture of the lower legs bones meaning either or both of the tibia and fibula.

A distal tibia fracture

Tibia fractures

Fibular fracture

  • Maisonneuve fracture - a spiral fracture of the proximal third of the fibula associated with a tear of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis and the interosseous membrane.
  • Le Fort fracture of ankle - a vertical fracture of the antero-medial part of the distal fibula with avulsion of the anterior tibiofibular ligament.[3]
  • Bosworth fracture - a fracture with an associated fixed posterior dislocation of the proximal fibular fragment which becomes trapped behind the posterior tibial tubercle. The injury is caused by severe external rotation of the ankle.[4]
  • Volkmann's fracture, a fracture of the postero-lateral rim of the distal fibula.[5]

Combined tibia and fibula fracture


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