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United Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow ("EMIAS")
Original author(s)Moscow Government
Developer(s)Moscow IT department, Moscow City Health Department
Initial release21.05.2013
Project goal(s)To improve the quality and access of the medical services in the public health facility
FundingMoscow Government
Available inRussian
EMIAS terminals

United Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow (EMIAS) is a complex information system that automatises the booking of hospital visits and work of medical professionals in Moscow city. The system includes online appointment services, Electronic Health Record management, and Electronic prescribing based on "Cloud" technology. EMIAS is the digital system designed to increase the quality and access of medical services in public health clinics. The project was designed and is being implemented as part of the «Digital city» program in execution with the Moscow Government's order from April 7, 2014 (as Moscow government amended on 21.05.2013 № 22-PP).


Government of Moscow

The main goal of EMIAS is to make free medical services more available, superior, and convenient for citizens. This is accomplished by making medical information more accessible to medical professionals thereby saving valuable time on paperwork, scheduling, and in gathering medical information. EMIAS offers the leaders of medical institutions and the leaders within the medical sector, a smart and authentic analysis tool that will result in the effective management of Moscow's health care systems.

General information

The project is developed and being implemented as part of “Digital city” program by Moscow IT department. As of October 1, 2013, 557 public health facilities including female counselling centers and dental clinics got involved in EMIAS. Furthermore, EMIAS is organizing and uniting information between outpatient and inpatient facilities.

EMIAS is one of the biggest electronic medical systems in Europe involving over 600 medical institutions and 23 000 medical workers. About 7.7 million people are currently using the system and over 114 000 000 transactions have been made within the first year of the system’s launch.

The system allows managing flows of patients, contains outpatient card integrated in the system, and provides an opportunity to manage consolidated managerial accounting and personalized list of medical help. Besides that, the system contains information about availability of the medical institutions and various doctors. EMIAS allows managing medical registers to resolve medical organizing questions concerning different categories of people, having specific diseases.

EMIAS is being implemented in three steps. The first step is switching the registration process to be completely electronic at public clinics and hospitals. This will allow people to schedule a visit to a doctor remotely. The second step of implementation is creating medical records and using electronic prescriptions for each patient which will be consolidated and shared throughout the public medical sector. The third step will be in uniting the public medical sector with the private medical sector through the sharing of medical records and the introduction of EMIAS services.


  • People’s flow control subsystem
  • Personal record-keeping system
  • Centralized laboratory service
  • Pharmaceutical support
  • NBI (Normative and Background Information) supervision system
  • Consolidated Management Accounting System
  • Patient medical portal and apps Emias.Info


Electronic Health Records Patient flow management system
Statements and statistics Resource management (schedule)
Analysis and monitoring e-Prescriptions
Statements and statistics Hospitalization records issuing
Laboratory integration Periodic health examination
Accounting system integration Services record (Compulsory health insurance;

voluntary health insurance; commercial services)


The objects of the automatisation are outpatient medical facilities of Moscow such as:

  • Municipal hospitals (adult's and children's)
  • Dental clinics
  • Female counselling centres
  • Early treatment centres
  • Referral hospitals


According to the annual competition of Russian Ministry of Communications and ComNews «Best 10 IT projects for public sector 2013», EMIAS was acknowledged "The biggest project in Health Care System» and won «The best IS» in Health Care according to "Global CIO" competition.


  • Yermolaev Artem - Minister of Moscow Government, Head of Moscow City IT Department
  • Makarov Vladimir - Deputy Head of Moscow City IT Department, EMIAS General constructor.



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