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Grecia tucan.jpg
Grecia, in his environment at Zoo Ave
SpeciesRamphastos ambiguus swainsonii
Hatchedc. March 2014
Alajuela Province, Costa Rica
Nation fromCosta Rica
Known forFirst toucan prosthetic beak

Grecia (hatched c. March, 2014) is a chestnut-mandibled toucan widely known as the first toucan to receive a prosthetic 3D printed beak.


Grecia was born in the wild in or around Grecia, one of the Cantons of Costa Rica. The toucan was beaten by youth and its top beak broke off.[1] Government officials transported the bird to animal rescue center Zoo Ave, west of the city of Alajuela.[2] A few 3D printing companies joined efforts to create a prosthetic beak which was successfully attached to Grecia. The bird received its name from the town of Grecia where it was picked up by city officials.[3]

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