Music informatics

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Music informatics is a study of music processing,[1] in particular music representations, fourier analysis of music, music synchronization, music structure analysis and chord recognition.[1][2] Other music informatics research topics include computational music modeling (symbolic, distributed, etc.),[2] computational music analysis,[2] optical music recognition,[2] digital audio editors, online music search engines, music information retrieval and cognitive issues in music. Because music informatics is an emerging discipline, it is a very dynamic area of research with many diverse viewpoints, whose future is yet to be determined.

Sub-topics in Music Informatics research

  • interdisciplinary relationships in music informatics
  • the digital revolution in music its impact on music information services and music libraries
  • knowledge of current trends in music technologies including software and hardware
  • mental models in the cognition of music listening and performing
  • symbolic music modeling systems and computer-aided composition
  • social and economic realities of the consumption of music in Western societies
  • improvisation in music, especially where it is facilitated by music technology
  • music digital libraries and collections architectures
  • future of music distribution, the music industry, and music libraries
  • music information retrieval
  • music recommendation systems
  • studying and synthesizing music expression
  • audio signal-to-score (singing, polyphonic, piano, etc.)
  • musical analysis
  • musical accompaniment systems
  • score following
  • optical music recognition (OMR)
  • music Source Separation
  • music for Computer Games
  • MIDI to Symbolic Score

Music informatics in education

Music informatics, as a degree subject, offers a similar learning experience to music technology, but goes further into learning the principles behind the technology.[3] Informatics students will not just use existing music hardware and software, but will learn programming and artificial intelligence.

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