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Anton de Kom University
Anton de Kom Universiteit
MottoKennis maken en kennis delen in duurzaam partnerschap
Motto in English
Creating and sharing knowledge in sustainable partnership
EstablishedOctober, 17th 1983
ChancellorProf. dr. Jack Menke

Anton de Kom University (Dutch: Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname) is the only university in Suriname. It is located in the capital, Paramaribo, and named for Anton de Kom, an anti-colonialist activist who was killed by the Nazis while in exile in the Netherlands.



Tertiary education in Suriname dates back to the 19th century. In 1882 there was already tertiary education provided at the "Geneeskundige School" and there also existed an organized juridical education (The Law-school), which was founded in the late forties. Furthermore, there were other para-university courses, namely the discipline to become a surveyor, dentist and pharmacist.

At the centenary of the "Estates of Suriname" in 1966, this organization took the important decision to cooperate with the government of Suriname to found a university. The proclamation was made on November 1, 1968, in the then still existing Theatre Star. Since then, the first of November is celebrated as Founders' Day.

On November 1, 1968, the Faculty of Law was started and other faculties followed:

  • The Faculty der Medische Wetenschappen on September 26, 1969
  • The Faculty der Sociaal – Economische Wetenschappen on November 1, 1975
  • The Faculty der Natuurtechnische Wetenschappen on December 1, 1976
  • The Faculty der Technische Wetenschappen on December 1, 1977


The Anton de Kom University of Suriname has the following faculties:[1]

  • The Faculty of Medical Sciences
    • Medicine and Physiotherapy
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences
    • Law
    • Economics, main subjects General Economics and Business Economics
    • Management of Education and the Study of Social Changes within Society
    • Public Administration
    • Sociology
    • Business Management
    • Psychology
  • The Faculty of Technological Sciences
    • Agricultural Production, main subjects Soil Sciences, Forestry, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry
    • Mineral Production, main subjects Geology, Mining
    • Electrical Engineering, main subjects Energy Technique, Information Technique
    • Infrastructure, main subjects Building and Construction, Civil Engineering, Geoinformatics, Land and Water Management
    • Environmental Sciences, main subjects Management of Aquatic Resources, Management of Environmental and Natural Resources
    • Mechanical Engineering,[2] main subjects Production Technology, Engineering Mechanics and Materials, Process and Energy
  • The Faculty of Humanities
  • The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences


The University Board is the highest governing body of the University and has the entire responsibility of the organization. Prof. dr. Jack Menke is the current president.

Research institutes

There are five research centers doing research within their specific fields, and also rendering services to the community. The following are research centers:

  • Centre for Agricultural Research in Suriname (CELOS)
Objective: promoting agricultural scientific education and research at the Faculty of Technological Sciences
  • Institute for Applied Technology (INTEC)
Objective: executing research projects in the field of technology
  • Bio-Medical Research Institute Prof. dr. Paul Flu (MWI)
Objective: promoting scientific education and research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Institute for Development Planning and Management (IDPM)
Objective: supporting the development policy of the Surinamese government
  • Institute for Social Science Research (IMWO)
Objective: executing social scientific research and rendering service

Other institutes

  • Institute of International Relations (IIR/Adekus)
  • Library Anton de Kom, University of Suriname

Regulations for registration

Foreign students who meet the relevant minimum requirements must master the Dutch language to be able to follow the classes. They may submit a petition to the Ministry of Education via the University Board.

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