Philosophy:A General View of Positivism

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Short description: 1844 book by Auguste Comte
A General View of Positivism
AuthorAuguste Comte
Original titleDiscours sur l'ensemble du positivisme
Publication date
Published in English
LC ClassB2228.E5

A General View of Positivism (Discours sur l'ensemble du positivisme) is a 1844 book by the French philosopher Auguste Comte, first published in English in 1865. A founding text in the development of positivism and the discipline of sociology, the work provides a revised and full account of the theory Comte presented earlier in his multi-part The Course in Positive Philosophy (1830–1842). Comte outlines the epistemological view of positivism, provides an account of the manner by which sociology should be performed, and describes his law of three stages.

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  • Comte, A.; Bridges, J.H. (tr.), A General View of Positivism; Trubner and Co., 1865 (reissued by Cambridge University Press, 2009; ISBN:978-1-108-00064-2)

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