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A Cornelian dilemma (in French: dilemme cornélien) (also spelt in translation with two "l"'s i.e. "Corneillian") is a dilemma in which someone is obliged to choose one option from a range of options all of which reveals a detrimental effect on themselves or someone near them. In classical drama, it will typically involve the character experiencing an inner conflict, forcing them to choose between love and honour or inclination and duty. The dilemma is named after French dramatist Pierre Corneille, in whose play Le Cid (1636), one of the greatest plays of the seventeenth century, the protagonist, Rodrigue, is torn between two desires: that of the love of Chimène, or avenging his family, who has been wronged by Chimène's father. Rodrigue either seeks revenge to avenge his lover or lose the honour.


  • In "Latent Image", the doctor experiences crippling guilt after having ethical dilemma of making an arbitrary choice between leaving two survivors. The situation is not used for the triage program.
  • In "The Perfect Mate", Kamala the Metamorph learns the meaning of duty from Picard and fulfills it.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, protagonist Niko Bellic must choose between taking revenge upon his treacherous former associate Dimitri Rascalov, resulting in Dimitri's business partner Jimmy Pegorino killing Niko's girlfriend Kate McReary, or striking a deal with Dimitri, alienating Kate and resulting in Dimitri double-crossing him and killing his cousin Roman Bellic.

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