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Metaanalysis of psychoanalysis. The perspective revolution of Sigmund Freud: An update.
AuthorDr. Andrej Poleev
SubjectPsychoanalysis, Metascience
PublisherJournal Enzymes ISSN 1867-3317, epubli
Publication date
Media typeebook (ISBN: 1116759500, 9781116759501, 9783748574804) and print edition (ISBN: 9783754124468)
Websitehtml, pdf, epub, softcover paperbook

Metaanalysis of psychoanalysis is a book written in German language by russian scientist-polymath Andrej Poleev and first published in Journal Enzymes ISSN 1867-3317. The book is now available in HTML format, as ebook in PDF and EPUB formats, and as softcover print edition.


The manuscript consists of 4 parts: The Dream; From Oedipus to Narciss; The interim summary of the endless analysis; Structures of delusion. In the introductory part, the author looks back on the history of psychoanalysis from its beginnings until the death of its founder. This reminiscence is continued in the 2nd part with the intention to examine the evolution of psychoanalytic views afterwards and to survey a conceptual whole of the psychoanalysis up to the present. The next part is an attempt to merge the psychoanalytic heritage with all other fields of science. The process of merging is inevitable in the light of recent achievements that have led to substantial progress in our understanding of the causality underlying behavior and biogenic evolution, accompanied by paradigmatic shifts and synthesis of previously dissociated scientific disciplines or fields of knowledge. The last part focuses on the questions of psychopathology and completes the line of reasoning.

Three other thematically relevant essays complement and supplement the main manuscript:

Review of the „Handbook of Antisocial personality disorder“, Schattauer, 2017.
The Antisocial personality disorder and several other psychiatric constructs are questioned and deconstructed in this review, which uses a psychoanalytic approach to explain the nature of psychopathy and offers recommendations in this respect.

Infernal state: An essay on regression.
Continuing the reexamination of prevailing views, conceptions and paradigms carried out on the basis of the psychoanalytic theory, as it already has been done in previous publications, and considering the great importance of the subject, the author focuses on a state of psychic regression, which in his opinion is the most obvious and earnest problem of our time.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Springer is a publisher of academic literature and, measured by the number of publications and citations as well as its commercial efficiency, is one of the leading and most successful companies in academic publishing. A closer look behind the facade of his seemingly success story, which began in Berlin in 1842, reveals a very different picture. After answering the questions: What Springer really is? and: Why has it so far escaped the sanctions imposed on other German corporations such as Volkswagen and Bayer?, the author explains why it is necessary to re-establish the International Psychoanalytical Association.[6]