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Cover of the first edition of the New Manifesto of Arts (2020) by Lerro and Pelliccia
Launch of the "New Manifesto of Arts", Caffè Giubbe Rosse, 2019.

The New Manifesto of Arts (Italian: Nuovo Manifesto sulle Arti) is a manifesto (considered the bases of the Empathism) co-authored by the Italian poet Menotti Lerro and the Italian painter Antonello Pelliccia in 2018.[1] In this document the authors express the wish to create a feeling of solidarity and cooperation built on the value of a new aggregation among artists. A new movement based on a manifesto which places empathy, the need to feel close, at the centre of a vision of the self, in contrast to previous views of artists as isolated. Key to this manifesto are the importance of interdisciplinarity and the “Total Artist” in the contemporary age.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Publication history

The manifesto appeared on the magazine Clandestino in 2019[10] and on the periodical "Cronache di Salerno", launched at the historical Caffé Giubbe Rosse of Florence on 27 February 2019.[11][12][13] On 31 July 2020 the manifesto was printed by Zona publishing in an Italian and English edition. ASIN B08F2M1785

From the Manifesto to the Empathic movement

Cover first edition of the volume La Scuola Empatica, Ladolfi 2020

Beginning with the values and ideas expressed in the "New Manifesto of Arts", a new artistic movement, the Empathism, arose in 2020. "This movement places at its centre of interest the empathic relationship and, therefore, personality in its ontic and ontological constitution. It follows that any creative or didactic experimentation cannot be separated from a process of identification with the other and its contemporaneity as an opportunity of study and sharing of knowledge and interior life stories. The horizon of meaning implies a civil promotion of the artistic society pouring from individual and community growth to ethical purposes mediated by an aesthetic dimension: namely, that of art".[14][15][16][17][18]


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