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Central European Jamboree
Location(s)Czech Republic
Inaugurated1931 (revitalised in 1997)

The Central European Jamboree is a Scouting jamboree for Scouts of Central European nations.


In 1931 a camp was held in Prague called Camp of Slavic Scouts, with participants from throughout Europe. Four years later, in 1935, the Central European Jamboree was organised in Spała, Poland. After a 50-year-long break, Czech Scouts came up with the idea to revitalise these meetings.

List of events

Badge Logo Year Event name Location Host City Theme Attendance Note
1931 Camp of Slavic Scouts Prague  Czechoslovakia
1935 Central European Jamboree Spała ZHP.png 1935 Jubilee Jamboree of Polish Scouting and Guiding Association Spała  Poland
1997 Fénix Prague  Czech Republic
1998 Eurocor Žarnovica  Slovakia
1999 San '99 Sanok  Poland
2001 Carpathia 2001 Csobánka  Hungary Closer to each other 1000
2004 Tatracor Tatranská Lomnica  Slovakia Reach the Top 2000
2006 Orbis 2006 Brno  Czech Republic Many cultures - one world[1] 3000
2008 Silesia 2008 Chorzów  Poland Discover new world 1400
2010 ConCordia 2010 Budapest  Hungary Many Hearts, One Beat
2012 11th Central European Jamboree Liptovský Mikuláš  Slovakia Experience Elements 1000
2014 12th Central European Jamboree Doksy  Czech Republic Prepared for the future 1012[2]
2016 13th Central European Jamboree[3] Wrocław  Poland Art of Scouting 1800[4]
2018 14th Central European Jamboree Szalki Island (Dunaújváros)[5]  Hungary Scouting on new waves 700
2022 15th Central European Jamboree "Iris" Prague  Czech Republic[6] Palette of the world (moved to 2022 because of the EuroJam2020)[7]
2024 16th Central European Jamboree TBA  Slovakia[6]


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